7 Tips for Learning How to Hunt


Always wanted how to hunt but do not know exactly where to begin? You are not alone. There are hundreds of men out there who feel the same way that you do. Hunting is a skill which has to be learned and although it is not easy, you can master hunting with practice and effort. Blunders are expected at the beginning and you might not be able to get a lot of game, but with time you will get better.

Hunting season in the United States is for the most part during late summer through late winter. For the record, hunting season is the worst time to get started.  If you want to be hunt fairly well during hunting season, you should start learning before hunting season.

Get Educated

In most places, it is a requirement to get what is called hunter’s education before you can legally hunt. This certificate will allow you to but a hunting license in your state. The rules might differ in other places and other countries. There are any good reasons to take hunter’s education. It is not only for you to get a hunting license but it will also help you become a better hunter.  It will teach you basic woodsmanship, guns used for hunting and other good practices. If you have never hunted before, you should definitely take the course.

Know the Requirements

Look at your state or city’s license requirements and make sure that you are able to meet them or else you will not be able to hunt. Requirements can and may vary from one place to another and from one country to another. Also review the regulations of the species which you would like to hunt.

Review gun safety rules

Before you go out and start practice shooting, you should review gun safety rules. Make sure you read and understand the rules of basic safety when handling a firearm. Even if you are experienced with guns, it is still a good idea to review safety rules from time to time.

Practice your shot

One thing which you can and must do before you get certified is shooting practice.  Obviously for this kind of practice, you need a gun but you do not need to go out and buy a gun right away because they can be very expensive. Ask someone who has guns to show you how to do it correctly.

Contact the right organization

What do you want to hunt? Do you want to hunt ducks? Or do you want to hunt deer? You must contact the organization which is dedicated to preserving the habitat you want to hunt and expanding hunting opportunities for people like you.

Be an apprentice

You can also ask licensed hunter to accompany you and show you the ropes. A mentor will be able to teach you important lessons. Being an apprentice will also allow you to get a feel for hunting and see what it is like.

 Learn the area

Go out and familiarize yourself with the hunting area before the actual season starts. Learn the terrain and look for signs of animals.

The 5 Manliest Hobbies You Can Pick Up

manly hobbies

The men of today are less manly to the man of decades before, the advances in technology are largely in part to be blamed for these because they are making life easier that there is no need to hunt for food or to do anything drastic to get what they need and want. If you are thinking that your manliness has decreased because of the convenience today’s time has offered, you might want to explore some hobbies which will make you more manly again. They might be a bit dangerous than your usual hobby but they will make you the epitome of manliness.

1. Wingsuit Flying

Wingisit flying has been featured in so many movies, among them Angelina Jolie’s second and probably last Tombraider installation.  What is wingsuit flying? Imagine someone giving you a bright yellow outfit that could allow you to fly. Although it is not the most stylish suit to have ever been produced, it does help in flying.

Wingsuit lfying is very similar to skydiving.  Both of these things require you to jump off a very high place, whether a plane or a building, and deploy a parachute before you hit the ground.  So, what is the difference between wingsuit flying and skydiving? The wingsuit gives you extra surface area which allows you to move 2 ½ feet forward for every step you fall.

2. Train Surfing

Train surfing is dangerous and this is one of the reasons why it is a manly hobby. There is a big risk of getting decapitated and spending the rest of your life with a scab on your scalp. If both things sound appealing to you then train surfing is definitely worth a try. The idea for train surfing is simple; you jump on a train and ride it with nothing but the windshield wiper to hang on to. Scared yet?

3. Volcano boarding

Volcano boarding is not the hobby for the faint of heart. Invented by Australian tour guide Darryn Webb, all you need is a hunk of plywood, a jumpsuit and goggles. When you have all your equipment ready, you can then look for the perfect volcano, preferably one which has a lot of magma and then commence boarding as you would on snow. Just make sure you have life insurance before attempting this.

4. Car Restoration

If you want a hobby which does not mean risking your life, you can go into car restoration. Although not as manly as the other hobbies mentioned in this article, it still reeks of sweat. Cars are always some of men’s favorite things and spending time drinking beer and restoring classic muscle cars can improve your alpha male image.

5. Martial Arts

Another less risky but still manly hobby is martial arts. There are many forms of martial arts, there is karate, judo and jujitsu. You can pick from a wide array of martial arts from different countries. Martial arts is mainly studied for self defense but if you want to inflict pain on others, then that is your decision and you should be prepared for the consequences.

How to Match the Colors of Your Dress Shirt, Tie, and Suit

dress shirt

Most men are not very good in fashion. As a matter of fact, an overwhelming majority of men do not have the first clue when it comes to fashion, what to wear and how to look good with what you are wearing. Majority of the male population need the help of females to help them decide what dress shirt to choose, what tie to buy and what shoes go best with their outfit.

If you are one of the men who are desperate to learn how to match the colors of your suit, tie and dress shirt, you have come to the right place. We will teach you how to look dapper in your suit.

 Match your tie to your clothing and not the other way around

One of the biggest mistakes which men make when trying to match their ties to their clothing is that they have purchased the wrong tie for the clothing they have in their wardrobe. It is akin to fitting a square peg into a round hole. This leaves men with no choice but to frantically match garments at the last moment.  In order to correct this problem, it is a must to purchase neckwear which complements the clothing in your closet. It is fear cheaper to purchase good neckwear than to replace your entire wardrobe.

 Buy neckwear which has the right proportion to your body

Another common mistake which men commit is purchasing ties just because they look good. There is more to ties than just looking good. You have to make sure that the neckwear is of the right proportion to your body. You also have to ensure that it has a color which works well with your shirts and suits. Coordinating your tie, shirt and suit is not rocket science. What it requires is a basic understanding of color, pattern and proportion.

You can start by getting suits and shirts which are easy to match and then purchasing neckwear which can enhance the look of the wardrobe so that you will look well put together.

 Necktie proportion, pattern and color

What is necktie proportion? It is the necktie’s width and length in regards to your built of your body and your clothing style. If you are a large man, you need neckwear which is wider than the average. On the other hand, a petite gentleman should look for neckwear which is smaller and shorter in length.

Neckties with strong patterns is the most difficult to pair or wear. It is best to get solid or semisolid ties. If you do want to wear neckwear with patterns, you must ensure that the tie’s colors do not clash with the patterns on your shirt or suit.

There is not a definite answer when it comes what color works best with any outfit, and this is probably because there is no single color which works with all other colors and patterns. However, there are two things which determine the right color and they are the message that the wearer is trying to send and color combination which works perfectly well with the natural colors of the wearer’s complexion.

What Makes a Man?

What Makes a Man

What really makes a man? Is it the number of relationships that he has? The bulk of muscles in his arms? Or perhaps, the way he talks, swooning ladies all around? Depending on one’s point of view, there are many ways to look at a man. Judging not just on his appearance, it is easy to conclude the manliness of a person by the way he conducts himself.

Manly Activities

We can tell a lot about the manhood of a male being by observing the things that he likes to do during his free time. For instance, men, in general, like activities that are quite active, such as hunting, sports, and other extreme adventures. These are the types of men that we consider men because of their actions.

A man can also appear manly based on his appeal towards the opposite sex. As said, men who have lots of experiences in relationships are said to be more manly compared to those who haven’t had any relationship, or are picky towards their relationships. In these times where diversity of sexual preferences abounds, some men are being questioned because of this aspect.

Another factor that leads us to saying that a man is manly enough is through his overall physical appearance. A man who dresses well as a man cannot be mistaken as metrosexual. As a matter of fact, some men even delight in growing good looking facial hair. These men, so long as they make sure that they keep their facial hair as tidy as possible, look manly with their fashionable beards on.

Styling Your Facial Hair

These days, we see an increase in the number of men who chooses to have facial hair. Since facial hairdos are generally available in many different options, selecting the best facial style is not just growing your hair. There are some considerations that need to be focused on before making a decision on a facial hair style.

For instance, you need to consider your nose size, mouth length, fullness of your lips, as well as the color of your face and the shape of your jaw line. These factors are very important since they can do a lot in promoting your main features, adding to the way you look. Men who have larger and fuller faces can opt to grow a moustache in order to present proportion and balance. A man with a softer jaw line may choose to have beards to show off a good disguise.

Bottom line here is that, facial hair can certainly add to the manliness factor of a male being. For all we know, a man can even grow a stylish goatee and appear very appealing. While growing facial hair can seem to be very untidy for some, some are successful in presenting this style with ease. As a matter of fact, some men have even made it a point to regularly enhance their looks by trimming and trying out different facial hair styles. Facial hair can be your asset too.

Manning Up for a Hiking Trip Outdoors


Trekking can be a great source of outdoor sports activity that leads to adrenaline rush as well as an excellent hang out. From the adventurous trekking spot selection, to the gear that is needed for a well spent trip- this article is all about the things that would be needed and how to plan a perfect trekking trip. Those who have prior experience of going out for this adventurous sport, must be already aware that it needs a fair amount of planning in order to execute successfully. Here’s the guide to a decent compilation of what exactly is needed for a trekking trip-

1) Time calculation and allotment

Beware that time log is maintained before starting out. It would save up a lot of energy and prepare for the worst and best situations beforehand. With a time log, begin with the time that would be required to reach to the destination where trekking would take place. Once there, maintain spare time to set up the gear such as resting space, a tent or woods if it is an evening plan and a bonfire is needed then setting up the essentials for them. Now, jot down time that would be taken in trekking, or say how long would you prefer to trek and will be back. This would prepare for the needy items and the required backup material along with supplies.

2) Gear needed for trekking

Trekking can be quite a demanding activity and accurate backpacking is a must. While going for trekking some of the quintessentials include sleeping bag, water supply, plastic for securing the gear, ropes for managing stuff, tents for sleeping or changing, emergency lights with battery backup, map or GPS, spare scissors, needles and sticks along with reliable shoes such as best work boots preferably by Sole of a Man. The importance of the best boots on a trekking trip equates to the quality of the sport. With cheap spiked shoes, there would hardly be any grip and chances of remaining stable in the given environment will remain bleak.

3) Get relevant information and tips from experienced groups

Either add someone who has already been on the trekking spot or call up and take in vivid details for first hand experience. Planning a trip and reading online about it can be very different from actually finding out information from someone who has already been at the spot and done the activity. There will be tidbits that only an experienced person can chip in such as the weather conditions, what precautions to take, the best route to reach the spot with greatest ease and many other factors.

4) Be prepared with first aid information

At times there are small injuries that do take place on trekking trips, but incase a bigger injury or mishap takes place then it is better to be prepared with first aid and helpline information. Having antiseptic liquids and lotions is always a good thing, but also keep handy a number and service that can reach to the spot at its earliest and has been tried by someone familiar. Know how to deal with different kinds of trekking injuries and remain calm and alert with immediate response to an emergency.